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Electrical Systems 2020 NEC Correspondence Course

Complete your 2020 Continuing Education without a classroom or a computer

Correspondence Course now available from the Dakotas JATC

Cost: $75.00

Credit: 12 hours (Code)

States Approved: ND, SD, MN (IA & NE Pending)

How to:

  1. Purchase book from the JATC
  2. Instructor emails course outline
  3. Complete activities (80% or better)
  4. Receive credit (all at your own pace)

Why: To reduce the need for in-person classes, and increase the flexibility of JW training during pandemic.

For more information, or to get started contact the JATC at (701) 297-5934 or

Supervising Instructor, Adam Kidwell (ND #141, IA #301, MN #1702213)

Course Approval Numbers: ND #20-129, SD #6128,

MN #20200475 – IA & NE are Pending.

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Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Classes will be added as they are scheduled, keep checking back for more classes.

*Class date, time and/or topic subject to change, please check back often.  Sign up must be completed one day prior to class schedule, no exceptions!

*Please call the office if you need to cancel your registration for a class.

*Classes are at the local IBEW hall unless otherwise noted.

  • Williston classes are at 215 Energy Street.
  • Fargo classes are always at the JATC lab.

Instrumentation Information

  • EPRI Prep classes for Level A and Level B will be periodically scheduled; watch this page for details on future classes.
  • EPRI Level B recertifying procedures:
    If you have worked a total of 1200 hours in instrumentation type activities within a three year period, you can renew the certification by submitting documents with these requirements:
  1. presented on company letterhead or another employer identifying medium.
  2. specify the work hours spent in instrument calibration.
  3. signed by a Management Representative of the employer.

Contact the JATC Director of Education or your RTC for assistance.

If you don’t have the required number of calibration hours and your certification has expired or is about to expire, you can recertify by taking the Level B exam again. You are allowed to use this method up to two years after your Level B certification expires.

You do not have to wait for a scheduled class and exam in order to apply to take the exam; individual review and exam sessions can be arranged.
Call the JATC office at (701) 297-5934 if you are interested in this or have any other questions.